SFA @work

SFA @work is a mobile client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It provides a salesman on the road with easy and fast access to the relevant sales data, making data entry a breeze, allowing him to focus on more important tasks. It is available for iOS, Windows Surface, and Windows 8 desktop.

SFA @work was developed for @work Management Associates.


Wakelicious is an alarm clock, which allows you and your Facebook friends to wake each other up with your favorite YouTube videos.

When your friend sends you a video it is placed in your WakeList. At the time of the alarm, Wakelicious will play the first video from your WakeList. If your WakeList is empty, Wakepp will play a video handpicked by the Wakelicious team.

Wakelicious was developed together with Rik Runge.




BlowPit is a functional prototype of an interactive game, allowing players to compete by blowing onto the phone screen to rotate different fans as fast or as long as possible.

BlowPit was developed together with Maciej Dziuba.