BlowPit is a fun and exciting game. The players compete by blowing onto the phone screen to rotate various spinning objects, ranging from a pinwheel to a jet engine, as fast or as long as possible.

BlowPit moves beyond the traditional touch-based interaction with a smartphone and leverage other sensors to provide a rich and exciting experience. In particular, it uses the microphone to detect how strong a player is blowing at the screen of the phone, which in turn rotates the blades of a fan shown on the screen.

There are two different competition modes: speed and endurance.

Several different spinning objects, including a pinwheel, a fan, an air-conditioning unit, and a jet engine, provide different difficulty levels.
Great emphasis was put into polishing the user interaction and graphical design to provide an immersive and fun experience.

The BlowPit Team

Maciej Dziuba - Maciej is freelance graphic designer. He graduated in Art of New Media from the Polish-Japanese Institute of Computer Technology in Warsaw. He specializes in video art, 3D visualization, photography and corporate identity. He is responsible for the user interaction and graphical side of BlowPit.
Mike Holenderski - Mike is a part-time researcher at the Eindhoven University of Technology, where he also received his PhD in Computer Science. Next to his research work he develops mobile apps. He is responsible for the technical side of BlowPit, from programming the app to maintaining the back-end server.